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Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO

$500.00 USD

The Association of Canadian Psychology Regulatory Organizations (ACPRO) requires foreign-educated psychologists to complete a credentials evaluation with ICD, a division of CGFNS International, Inc., before they apply to Regulatory Organizations for licensure to practice in Canada.

The Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO includes:

  • Verification of your identity
  • Authentication of your education (including supervised training/practica), work experience, and licensure/registration history
  • Evaluation of your qualifications for comparability to Canadian standards.

ICD will send your completed credentials evaluation report to the ACPRO Regulatory Organization(s) in any the following jurisdictions where you plan to apply for a license: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or British Columbia. You will also receive an applicant copy of the report.

Who Should Apply?

All psychologists educated outside of Canada and the United States seeking licensure/registration to practice psychology in Canada must first complete the Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO, except for those applying for licensure/registration in Alberta, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut*.

Foreign-educated psychologists already licensed/registered in Canada should not apply for the Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO and may visit the ACPRO website for more information.

*Foreign-educated psychologists seeking licensure/registration in Alberta, Quebec, Northwest Territories, and/or Nunavut should instead contact the Regulatory Organization in those jurisdictions directly.

How it Works:


Click Apply Now to create an account in the ICD Applicant Portal.


Inside the ICD Applicant Portal, purchase an order for the Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO using your shopping cart.


Provide all required information, complete the criminal background check, and send the document request forms to your academic and professional institutions.


After all requirements are received and processed, ICD will verify and assess all the documents in your file, evaluate your credentials against Canadian standards, and generate your credentials evaluation report.


Your Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO report will be made available to the ACPRO Regulatory Organization(s) you selected as recipients. You will also receive a copy of your report.


You may then apply for licensure with the ACPRO Regulatory Organization(s) that received your Credentials Evaluation report.

The ACPRO Regulatory Organization(s), NOT CGFNS or its ICD division, will assess your complete application and determine whether to issue your license.


Documents You Will Need & How to Get Them

Identity Documents

Identity Documents
  1. Submit notarized copies of two forms of identification (one being a passport) directly to ICD that verify your current name, with no abbreviations. In addition, you must submit additional identity documents to verify any other names that you once held that may appear on any documents ICD will receive from your educational institutions, license/registration authorities, employers or language testing vendors.
  2. Acceptable forms of photo identification (ID) are:
    1. Passports (required)
    2. Driver’s License(s)
    3. Other government-issued photo identification
  3. Other acceptable forms of identification include:
    1. Birth Certificates
    2. Marriage Certificates
    3. Divorce Certificates
    4. Legal Name Change Affidavits
  4. To be acceptable, all photo IDs are required to include a clear photo of yourself (send color copies) and be current (not expired) at the time it is received by ICD.
  5. You are responsible for all fees related to preparing your notarized documents. If any of these documents are written in a language other than English, they must be translated by a certified translator.
  6. ICD does not accept original identity documents but accepts photocopies of the original document. These photocopies must be notarized copies of the original documents (signed, dated and stamped by an individual authorized to notarize documents, which could include: notary publics, attorneys, etc.). You must be with the notary at the time the original documents are copied and notarized. The notary is required to make a statement on all notarized identity document photocopies that the notary has seen the original document and that they certify that the copy is a “true copy” of the original (with the exception of a legal name affidavit which itself is an original document).

Education History

Education History
  1. You will be required to request that institutions of higher/tertiary level education send documentation regarding any education you received there that specifically contributed to your education as a psychologist directly to ICD. This might include:
    1. Psychology Education
      1. Associates Degrees
      2. Bachelor’s Degrees
      3. Master’s Degrees
      4. Doctoral/PHD Degrees
      5. Post—Doctoral Degrees
    2. Non-Psychology Education Transfer credit
      1. Any program for any discipline that preceded your psychology education for which you received transfer credit
  2. In addition to your transcripts, course descriptions, and other educational documents, make sure each of your higher/tertiary level educational institutions completes an education history form to send along with the documents.
  3. Please note: As part of your educational evaluation, ICD will also require the institutions where you have received Supervised Training/Practica experience to complete a form detailing your experiences with that organization.

License Validation

License Validation
  1. You are not required to be licensed as a psychologist currently in order to apply for ICD’s Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO. However,
  2. You will be required to request all authorities for the jurisdictions where you have been licensed/registered to send documentation to ICD regarding your license/registration history and the current status of your license to practice psychology.

Language Proficiency

Language Proficiency
  1. You are not required to submit language proficiency test results as part of your Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO application. However, if you have taken a language proficiency exam as prior to applying for the Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO and you report this exam to ICD, ICD will include your results, once received with your Credentials Evaluation report.
  2. ICD will not make any judgment regarding the sufficiency of language test results received.
  3. If you do not submit language test results as part of your Credentials Evaluation for ACPRO application, you will be required to fulfill this requirement with the Regulatory Organization in which you apply.


The fee is $500 USD

This fee is separate from ACPRO Regulatory Organizations’ licensure application fees.


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